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Biology for a better life…


Biology is nothing less than the study of life. Think about it for a moment. Try to deal and grasp the immense difficulty in defining life; not only it bewilders the brightest minds in the fields of biology and biochemistry, but any effort towards reaching a functional and complete set of notions and its boundaries, will leave us with a sense of awe and mystery, and the longing for a more thorough understanding. Truth is that which unfolds, so this journey is, no matter how a scientific and rigorous approach you might prefer, a very personal and individual one.

To me, biology is the narrative of chemistry, or rather, of biochemistry . As a Molecular Biology researcher, most of what I have found that makes life thrive, is a complex interplay between agonists (both endogenous and exogenous) and their corresponding receptor molecules: the genetic expression which directs their production and metabolism, both in quality and quantity, and how these change throughout a life cycle , determine the fate of any living organism.

The body of experimental knowledge is so far vast, confusing, incomplete and at times, contradictory. It is only today, though, that this biological scientific work is widely and publicly available. It is within your reach through NCBI database, Google Scholar, etc.

As human beings, we belong to the eukaryote domain; this website only lays a modest and humble foundation in the principles of eukaryote biology so that a sufficiently coherent and consistent technical foundation can be laid. At the same time, it deals specifically with the occurrence of inflammation, through a sports injury or simply by the aging process in our joints or muscles.

Finally, it proposes a topical anti-inflammatory gel designed at BioEkuiliber, which works fast, effectively and in all safety to ameliorate/extinguish this universal burden.

In case of need, I really hope you find it awesome as all of us who proudly present it to you.